Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

We have the capabilities in providing solutions and products in E.O and Remote Sensing; High Resolution Satellite Imagery (both real time and archive); image processing and analysis capabilities, air bone surveys and mapping. We also have capacities to conduct monitoring and assessments using E.O and Remote sensing technologies for; land use and spatial development, natural resources, coastal and marine habitant, hazard risk and vulnerability, land degradation and productivity, ecosystem mapping, land cover change detection, agriculture, infrastructure growth, oil and gas monitoring .

Strategic Spatial Development Planning

GEO-MIK offers strategic spatial and infrastructure planning and development services both at national, regional and local levels. Our services range from; Integrated spatial development planning, natural resource and resettlement action planning, Infrastructure and utility planning, master planning, land use feasibility assessment, public land policy analysis and review. We provide a total strategic spatial development planning suite used to manage the gross capital expenditures associated with physical, social and economic assets of different sectors across the spectrum. Our long term span of dedicated service, exposure and conformity to national governments land use and spatial development policies, adherence to international and UN land use and sustainable planning practices, lower local government systems, private sector operations, land governance and management processes and also the understanding of different spatial development planning contexts of the region and on the continent is our added advantage.

Mapping and Map Production

Our mapping services are tailor-made in a way that suits the specific interests of clients. Maps present any form of user information about what they do or want to do in a simple but very rich and visual way. The maps reflect and visualise different information, themes and purpose about the area of user interest such as; the sizes and shapes of themes, locations of features, distances between places, changes in statusquo of phenomena, relationships, interactions and distributions of things over geographical space like; land use, settlement patterns, social infrastructure, business enterprises, water and natural resources among others.

Innovation and Spartial Application

We extend GEO-MIK spatial application services and solutions across the diverse industry and market in ways that will help effective customer decision making at all levels. We develop different agile prototypes, system engineering, spatial applications both mobile and web based platforms for different customer cases and needs.

Web Map Platforms and Geotaging

It is critical for organisations to monitor and work with location based information for effective decision making. GEO-MIK team has the capability to develop and publish online any form of data that is linked to geographical location to enable users visualise trends in there data for decision making. We develop agile, customized and interactive platforms with geospatial computing and visualization capabilities in ways that make users of the data and information to access, share, integrate, process and analyse geographical information through various digital information medium such as; Web Map Service (WMS), geotagged websites and online atlases.

Feasibility Studies

The awareness of any project area is critically a very strategic part of the project life cycle. Our team has abilities to assess the viability of your project whether it will be a success or failure right from its conception. Our team has technical capacities to professionally evaluate the critical project factors like; the land use state and practices, infrastructure, ecosystem, social cultural and state of governance, demography, economic and commercial variables, technology viability and the legal settings among others.

Baseline Survey/Studies

We conduct baseline surveys with the main purpose of providing an information base against which clients and organisations can monitor and assess progress of project activities and effectiveness during and after completion. Our capacity to deploy robust data acquisition strategies and solutions like; automated data collection i.e. sensor-derived data, time series data, spatial mobile application tools, collection of first-hand observations manually and obtaining existing data from different sources is an added advantage.

Training and Research

We run training, research and capacity development tailored sessions that allows for our clients to gain knowledge and learn applicable and universal GIS and remote sensing methods and applications for their work. The trainings help improve the institutional/individual’s level of awareness; improve the systems workforce skill and boast productivity.

Aerial Survey and Mapping

We offer Aerial Mapping and survey services using UAVs thus making the would be difficult project sites accessible through airborne surveys in addition to improving data density and overall quality of survey for your decision making.

Land Surveying

We implement detailed land surveying, cadastral and topographical survey and mapping of; roads, bridges, property boundaries, geodetic control surveys, as built surveys, engineering surveys and other user specified surveys. We demarcate property boundaries, set out rural and urban spatial plans, process and production of longitudinal and cross sections for different project sites among others

Lease of survey equipment

Leasing out GNSS equipment is at very affordable rates for your project. Additional packages with these services include; system set up, configuration, field data collection, processing and analysis.

Data collection and Mobile GIS

Our business arm, GEOPRINTS STUDIO, operates under the auspices of GEO-MIK Consultants Africa, to provide professional specialization in; supply of large format Plotters, Original spare parts, genuine ink, Plotter paper rolls, repair and Maintenance. We also do large format document production (Printing, Copying & Blue Printing and Tracing).

Real Estate Land and Property

GEO-MIK real estate, land and property development service is one of the most robust and unique product packages for the industry and is implemented in different strategic components and phases. This is applicable to both our own project sites but also for other clients. At the professional level, we have the capacity to offer technical expertise in; project scoping, judgment on site selection, spatial infrastructure planning, land use appraisal and viability, land subdivision and demarcation, surveying, property boundary opening, titling, infrastructure development, construction, sale/lease of planned or fully developed products. Other services are; post project completion baseline studies, land use compliance and compatibility monitoring, management, site development control, land use change detection, adjustments and modifications planning and implementation.